1, website content with multiple sets of templates, random template, set high threshold for the acquisition program; but it has no effect on the entire collector.

2, website content in the website of the random insertion of copyright, such as domain name, site name, site owners, and these signs can be separated to write, or middle – short transverse, or replaced with full width, prevent automatic filtering, such as http://s.www.ityesno.cn etc..

3, give us the website picture marked their logo logo, such as playing on the site in the bottom right corner of the image name + domain name; collect the picture collection of our website in the past, not a picture of PS; therefore, they collected the contents of our website, is seeking help us website.

4, this move is more damage. If your opponent’s program is almost synchronized with your site, then you can do it. First add on our website in a few articles and the article title at the beginning of the end is very formal and content, the content in the middle secretly inserting illegal keyword, how much more will the illegal illegal, insert a few, hidden work can be put in place, and then banned the search engine grab these articles on our website robots.txt file. After the other party has collected these articles, we immediately delete these articles on our website, and then report to the local server of the collector’s server. Ha-ha。 The consequences, we can imagine.

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