in the face of vast wireless space, users also have a gradual adaptation process. Accustomed to the use of the Internet, the user’s wired to wireless adaptation period, even if it can be shortened, but also can not be ignored. The current 3G network, although increasingly rich in content, does not have a platform that helps users better use 3G. Given the widespread obscurity of 3G’s Web site, it can lead to a feeling that users don’t know where to start even if they log on to a wireless network.

mind, as a senior network service provider launched called WOSO navigation website ( "service, a good domain name can let the site successful half, as a rookie in the WAP navigation station: I search navigation ( in a number of WAP navigation station speed rise. Provides a simple wireless network usage and experience model for 3G users.


WOSO navigation web site is effectively assembled, including search engines, portal sites, enterprise directories, B2B, mail, software, news, games, ringtones, pictures, videos, and all other wireless network information. Users only need to login to the woso navigation website (, will be able to lead in her, according to the different types of classification, quickly find that you want to browse the website and information resources, and click to enter the site, the process of eliminating the memory address; at the same time, WOSO also provides navigation website search engine entrance, convenient for the user fast search. It is clear that in the near future, WOSO navigation will become the first wireless internet station, allowing users to start a wireless journey from here.

as a bridge between users and wireless networks, WOSO navigation site will be a strong gesture in the 3G network erected a prominent flag. I believe in has been recognized by the user after landing WOSO site navigation ( will become the preferred behavior of users connected to the 3G network, and WOSO navigation website will also be in the user support in 3G history to write a glorious page