Why is

Facebook (Faith Booker) website skin to make the


1 and BBS (community forums) do have a lot of drawbacks,

BBS (who ran the community forum) knows BBS (community) "bad money drives out good money", lead to the decline of the master with me, leave the community. Using Facebook (Faith Booker) website skin can greatly isolate users, and solve the BBS (community forum) biggest chronic illness.

2 can improve a lot of BBS (community forum) did not do a good job

, for example, centralized information, updates, notifications, personalized recommendations, better community, friends, interactive functions, and so forth.

these benefits are visible, plus a lot of people on BBS (community forum) strong rejection, more inclined to use Facebook (Faith Booker) website skin to make community website. You have to admit that, while UCHome’s cloning completely distorts the original meaning of Facebook (Faith Booker), UCHome is a good, improved version of community software.

but I have to say, as a non-profit community, UCHome may be better than BBS (community forum) better, but for a desired commercial website, using UCHome to do community, no doubt in the Dutch act. Why,


because Facebook (Faith Booker) web site itself is used to achieve social interaction between acquaintances, so he is a closed tool, very detrimental to the spread of information!

!The traditional

(BBS Forum) to be profitable, there have been two proven broad road:

1, BBS (community forum) transformation, do network media

BBS (community forum) has become a successful example of the network media is how to count based on

sina.com.cn is the predecessor of a four Liberia Sports Salon BBS (Forum);

, the predecessor of, is also a big BBS (community forum), which has registered 98 years of irrigation.

IT media class web site, the recently acquired IT168, PCPOP, which is not built by BBS (community forum), Pacific computer network is also BBS (community forum) started;

CSDN is also BBS (community forum) started, the beginning of the programmer’s home base CD-ROM technical support forum;

was bought by IT168 in the past, and ChinaUnix was also BBS (community forum);


JavaEye is also BBS (community forum) started;