many times, the website editor is synonymous with network porters, with low salary, do the hard work, forcing no future activities. The author originally accidentally enter the site editor of this industry, mainly serving small and medium sized enterprises station, a road kankankeke done SEO, agent and operation of products, from the website editor until now, the practice is as follows.

1, low order update and update phase

the author originally served a car parking facility, parking lock manufacturer, the company has three sites, the daily task is to update the site updates. This stage, including the author later entered the network company, the author, like most of the bottom of the web site editor, updated and updated, for the original and original, written articles just cater to search engines. Now I see I wrote similar, how to create the original article master? How to write false original articles and so on, ashamed, hate not immediately deleted. When companies and Internet companies do lower level Web site editing, the author improves the following skills or knowledge.

1, self-study, HTML and CSS

2, self-study, SEO knowledge,

3, improve soft Wen writing ability

4, learned simple picture processing

during this period, the majority of enterprise site, especially the product enterprise station, their immensely proud produced a list of the enterprises, including product manufacturing, product features, product customer service service, product marketing and market prospect of the four plates of hundreds of the title, and the title of the article can be copied to the vast majority of products station. The following figure is part of the title of the article that the author did in those years.

by the way, a low-level web editor if he’s working is updating the article. The boss can find the relevant studio from time to time. The price is low, and there is the amount of guarantee, it is not necessary to hire a full-time web site editor.

two, confused and struggling when entering website optimization


website editor did a few months later, and there were two ways out. The first is to improve the quality of the article, do software writers, commentators or well-known station editor. The second is from the web site editor, to SEOER, to the product operation. The author originally entered the website editor from the army of Internet writers, and did not want to take the first road. For example, choose second, and the ultimate goal is to make profits through product operations.

with low order site editor unwilling, the author entered the parking lock manufacturers do website optimization. So far, the author believes that if the site editors do not participate in optimization work, especially small and medium-sized enterprise station editor. For a long time, the first work of technical content is not high, the alternative is too strong; second, easily lead to work aversion, always copy paste, with a low salary or almost negligible percentage of dissatisfied. Over time, the initiation of resignation or career change ideas.