The successful operation model of

local portals can be replicated. Of course, can not simply copy all, to combine local characteristics, to build their own brand website. The following examples of the author to illustrate this concept, the more shared, the more happy, but also hope that we can explore each other.

replication site design

general large sites, such as Ganji, 58 city, 19 floor and Xiamen small fish. The 19 floor has been leading the local website of the new trend, many local websites emerging elements originated in 19 buildings, such as brand space, is the main innovation, innovation of course is part of the product, all belong to the source finally in order to meet the users; Xiamen fish user experience details do very well, the design of Xiamen fish in many places the site although not particularly good, but the entire page layout, font size, module level are very reasonable and clear. We can learn from their website design, combined with local characteristics, strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

replication site promotion experience

website promotion experience, in the network search a lot of, can also go to A5, China station, grassroots network inside learning predecessors experience, see how predecessors do. Here, the author is simple and we discuss, share several actual combat experience.

1, the development of local portals affiliated Q group

development of the local QQ group, you can classify by category, take Hunchun for example, such as Hunchun hometown group, Hunchun tourism group, Hunchun city friends and so on. As we all know, QQ group has great effectiveness, and more and more people hope to make friends through QQ group, mutual entertainment, mutual joy. Find a few main group, every group Q atmosphere, leading group of friends to the site to understand local timely information, publish information on the website, interactive etc.. For example, the parties engage in the activities of the site, can be issued a notice in the group, let the group of friends to the site to enroll in the new website; updated some local hot news, also can be in the group a simple description of the event, and guide them to the group to express their personal ideas.

2, working with a local computer company,

works with local computer companies to implement resource interchange. In general, some computer companies sell their computers and have their own websites. Find them, and let them put your site’s Web site on the front page. Of course, the website also put computer advertisement in the forum can also open a special edition to his "computer digital edition", and give them some other benefits, such as a web site VIP.

3, working with businesses to engage in activities

can contact some local businesses to do offline activities. At first you can look for some businesses to start and plan events with them. Businesses that have just started are willing to collaborate with local websites, which will help them advertise. What activities can be organized? A lot of activities, here is only one example of it. "Brush gold eggs, change ceremony"