do stand more than N years, I did not expect to now let the record stuck.

we are an old geek, did a few stations, feel pretty good, hee hee. 06 years beginning in November home gateway website operation, when using the digital program function; not to say, more comprehensive, but the demands of the server is very high, the components, the components, and using the digital recommended garbage * * host space (here that is to say, leave a little thin you ^_^), the following day, of course, is also careless, then the server often unstable, often under attack, it can not stand. By 08 November, when the site was 2nd anniversary, game over.

previous experience tells me that the site should be stable operation on the first program to be stable and simple, in addition to the special security server, thanks to the webmaster network map Mr. Wang gave us the agent of network space, and is the most affordable price. I use the fastest speed for a pure space type 3, and then tell me the service must be the first record to run, we all thought for what is remarkable, because the previous station also prepared a few times, quickly fill the record, click Submit. The next day, unexpectedly completely dumbfounded: Address (I do not meet the requirements of specific to our community); organizers must be enterprise application (I did not intend to use the enterprise application, we also have no business); want to use the previous record, username and password all forgotten (the Ministry of local contact tips the communications authority, the authority’s website one hundred and eighty minutes to open, looking for a night did not find where kuangyun… ) the name of the site must be full name (I rely on, I give the name of the web site only two words, it will not pass), completely speechless. We do not address: ad in here, you can see, filed in May 6th, still in addition to one hundred and eight thousand open, how should I do? Before Monday to Friday is often a failure audit, today even the audit message is not, it will accompany the wife and kids to enjoy week end? Administrative reconsideration, the Shandong Provincial Communications Authority and the Ministry of industry and information technology work?! why is it so hard to be a station, but also for me are the same as for the loss of

webmaster friends cry!

finally to dear lyrics by the end of ^_^:

what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong? Is it wrong to love a station?

do you know, do you know, I wait until the flowers have also thanked?……