new board following the Airbus chairman because of misappropriation of funds to the Public Security Bureau, has exposed the brother Lun step chairman Wei Qinghua lost contact after the express letter of resignation.


three new board listed company has more than 7000 days ago, saying "what birds have many wonderful things, the listed company will It is often seen.: following the Airbus (831335) chairman of the board due to misappropriation of funds to the Public Security Bureau, has exposed brother Lun step (835494) chairman Wei Qinghua Express letter of resignation after losing lian.

May 17th three new board business brother Lun step in publishing senior management personnel from the announcement of the name change announcement, do not see the exception, but open after the announcement description but people terrified: the board of directors of the company recently received the resignation Wei Qinghua by courier, due to health reasons, resigned from the chairman and general manager duties, continue to serve as directors of the company.

if the honest brother Lun announced the resignation letter submitted step way is not wonderful, then "the board of directors is verified in the description, but people can not help but think, from the company received this letter of resignation to the release of the announcement period, submit the resignation letter of Wei Qinghua has been lost to the state.

and more people can not understand is that the organizers can not find a broker. Brother Lun step announced the next day, the company sponsored by brokerage Guotai Junan released risk warning announcement, Wei Qinghua resigned as chairman and general manager and step brother, will have a certain impact on the operation of the company. On the resignation of Wei Qinghua matters, the organizers also repeatedly call the broker to verify the proposed contact, but has not been able to obtain communication confirmation.

at the same time, Guotai Junan said, Wei Qinghua held the brother Lun step in February 2016 all shares pledge, if the borrower is unable to repay the maturity, and step brother’s controlling shareholder, actual controller to change the risk.

can not be disclosed because of the 2015 annual report, brother Lun on May 3, 2016 to suspend the transfer step, if brother Lun step in before June 30, 2016 (including June 30th) are still unable to disclose the annual report of 2015, according to the relevant provisions, and brother step at risk of being terminated listed stock.

in addition, investors need to note that the new Board currently has two pinyin "GLB" company, one of them is the brother company Lun, code 835494; in addition to a company called Columbo, code 831112, the company is currently operating normally.