according to the relevant media reports, magic department store page is now inaccessible. As of press time reporter, still can not visit this site.

in the first half of 2016 in the field of entrepreneurship, 17 girls Wang Kaixin and her magic department store is definitely the most eye-catching. However, management experience, overexpand, fast moving, illegal layoffs and tax evasion and other issues to Wang Kaixin and the magic department, in a series of negative factors.


business is not a trifling matter 18 years old "genius girl CEO" Wang Kaixin’s magic department has stopped to visit

May 15th, GQ Chinese a "17 year old CEO Wang Kai: girl with magical air Xin lonely" the report of Wang Kai Xin and her magic department pushed in the teeth of the storm, since then, the media began to reveal the magic department store business data fraud information;

June 27th, a man claiming to be anonymous users broke the news department staff before the magic, "magic department" and the company disappeared overnight, office rooms and illegal layoffs of 50%, the supply chain department is the overall cut;

on the evening of July 6th, magic department store CEO Wang Kai Xin for moving, layoffs and the collapse of the rumors, such as published a long article, but still can not restore its reputation;

July 22nd, magic department store official micro release announcement, saying that due to business adjustments, the platform will be suspended from the sale of goods from July 22nd.

according to the information, the Department of magic is a focus on 95, after the consumer groups such as B2C platform, according to the label of interest for young users to provide interesting and fun products, commodity culture into the two dimension of the. The magic department won the Shenzhen innovation Valley millions of angel investment, at the beginning of January 14, 2016, Wang Kaixin with the magic department attended the famous investment program "my unicorn", with a "let you earn enough money after 95" to attract the presence of investors. Since then, in January 27, 2016, completed by the latitude Chinese collar vote, it real fund, innovation valley with investment of 20 million A round of financing.

was established in June 2015, and by the end of October 2016, the official website was found to be stopped, and the magical girl and her department store were no longer magical.