[Abstract] the ultimate embodiment of the value of the company is the product, the user and the way of operation, rather than relying on the concept.


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 18th

said Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang, at the Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet told the Tencent interview with science and technology, the biggest task is to integrate the next year with lily network, if the shareholders voted through the merger, the first step is taken after integration.

in December 7th this year, Jiayuan announced the merger with lily network, Jiayuan will be delisted from the u.s.. After the merger is completed, Wu Linguang will serve as co chairman and co chief executive officer of the surviving company, Lily will also start the company changed its name program.

Wu Linguang Tencent science and technology, said the two companies come together, the next is the arrangement of personnel, internal division of labor and adjustment, which are very challenging. After the merger of the two companies are no longer limited to the original marriage dating.

Wu Linguang said, the future of the new company is likely to leisurefriends to downstream, marriage area and emotional products, wedding products investment, merger and acquisition, the new company will have some action in the field of Internet banking.

stock is expected to return to the trend of

this year, including Jiayuan, everyone, 36 shares in enterprises brewing privatization, focus, the giant has backdoor return to A shares.

Wu Linguang of Tencent technology said that these enterprises are more than 90% users in Chinese, before may be just because of the Chinese capital market is not perfect, just choose to go to the United States in 2011, financing and listing, in 2012 takes stock of the trust crisis also affects the enterprise valuation.

"a typical case is the game industry in the United States, the network game is not so popular as China, is very low for a large number of online gaming companies in the United States listed valuation."

Wu Linguang said, when the China capital market gradually improved, takes stock of collective return is no one willing to represent the general trend, their competitiveness in the market in other countries, especially the valuation differences between China and the United States, will also make some outstanding enterprises feel unfair.

is another factor, concept stocks listed in the U.S., but not with the user enterprise together, the largest group of users can not become the company’s shareholders, return to the domestic market, these users may become a member of the shareholders of the enterprise, help enhance corporate value.

at present, because of Internet companies in the U.S. market valuation is much lower than domestic valuation, resulting in some of the domestic capital market revenue is relatively small businesses but those acquisitions listed in the United States, revenue more enterprises.

Wu Linguang Tencent science and technology, said the ultimate embodiment of the value of the company is the product, the user and the operating mode, rather than relying on the concept, and now the lack of interaction