share investment management partner Huang in the health care special on the future of health care, health care big data industry views. In his view, over the past few decades, hundreds of billions of dollars a year to spend on human capital to study cancer drugs, but these drugs are not so obvious tumor drugs or the improvement of life. The emergence of precision medical treatment of human factors can make a very thorough and accurate understanding of the disease, which can be personalized, accurate medical programs, to achieve better therapeutic results.


Huang Fanzhi believes that precision is not only a hot topic in the past two years, the future is the era of precision medicine. The big data will determine the future of precision medicine can go far. "Every day we have now medical and biological data is massive, if no one put it into a visual and not available to doctors, research institutions become available products, produced annually is rubbish".

investment opportunities for medical data, Huang Fanzhi also said it will be reflected in six aspects. First, the early screening diagnosis; second, serious illness early warning; the third, machine learning / manual reading; the fourth, self diagnosis and treatment; the fifth, the insurance control fee; the sixth, the curative effect appraisal.

is the following yellow in the China equity investment annual summit and the 2016 annual meeting of the investor network on the wonderful speech.

/ health care investment logic big data /

Hello everyone, I am very pleased to be able to invest in the annual meeting with everyone to share, I chose the topic today called health care investment logic big data." Why did you choose this topic, because the sharing of investment is a VC organization, VC is always facing the future.

Ma Yun said the future of the richest man will appear in the field of health care, in addition, he said, has now entered the era of DT from the IT era. He said that these two are representative of the future direction, so today we talk about these two aspects of the future of health care.

first, what is the future of health care, may still have to talk about precision medical. Precision medicine is a hot topic in the past two years. Our focus today is to compare why the future is the era of precision medicine.

in the past few decades is the era of evidence-based medical, evidence-based medical experience relative to medical we say a few decades ago, evidence-based medical treatment is considered to be representative of the scientific development, it has made great progress compared with traditional Chinese medicine. But there are also some problems with evidence-based medicine, and many problems are insurmountable. For example, evidence based medicine is to take place of the disease, symptoms, combined with some detection means, including some of the images, pathology, testing data, to assist doctors to determine the disease, given treatment options.

but we see, unfortunately, although many people in the same position had the same symptoms, the same treatment, but the effect is different. Hundreds of billions of dollars to spend on human cancer research