angel investment

in fact, as early as 2004 that success will be transferred to the Amazon Excellence Lei Jun completed the transition from entrepreneurs to angel investors. To 2010 this time in 2008, resigned from the post of CEO Jinshan Lei as an angel investor, a portfolio of some 20 companies, including joyo.com, VANCL, Kara, the Great Wall, UC, Youshi play, Le Amoy and cattle, almost all of these companies in all aspects of good development and established his position in their respective fields. 2014, Lei Jun is selected for the first time the top 50 venture investors Forbes China rankings, ranked twenty-sixth.

investment philosophy: Lei Jun was in a public speech to share their own investment experience, that is "not familiar with investment" and "investment". He said that the investment is only the acquaintance of acquaintances and acquaintances of these two levels of relationship, and only voted not to vote. "I don’t care what you are doing, I think in China, in today’s China venture market, the lack of execution rather than ideas." Such as Sun Taoran, Kara UC as Yu Yongfu, the good Doctor Wang Hangjun is Lei Jun’s friend, where is the old old colleague youpin. Third investment experience is Lei Jun help is not chaos, he advocated "let entrepreneurs have enough sense of ownership", "investors should establish the absolute trust of entrepreneurs, and allows entrepreneurs to make mistakes".

classic case: YY was founded in April 2005, listed on NASDAQ in November 2012, is currently the largest Internet platform provider China language and the world’s largest provider of speech team. In 2006 to get $1 million angel investment Lei Jun has YY voice, togetherness era, play the game network, YY game operation, YY education and YY entertainment platform. As of December 31, 2014, the company a market value of more than $3 billion 700 million, Lei Jun holds 214 million 890 thousand shares, the shareholding ratio of 19.4%, the investment return of more than 120 times.

at the end of 2006, Lei Jun invested 2 million yuan investment in UCWEB, accounting for 10% of the shares. March 2013, Alibaba to $506 million strategic investment UC excellent view, from the hands of the original shareholders in accordance with the UC excellent shares. June 2014, Alibaba joint UC excellent as announced, Alibaba wholly owned acquisitions UC excellent view. The integration with most of Ali shares and with the cash portion of the way, a China largest Internet merger transaction records, the transaction of the UC as the valuation of roughly $3 billion 800 million, UC as chairman Yu Yongfu said, UC to return on investment than Lei gathered era.

of course, Lei Jun’s angel investment also has suffered setback because the market is not smooth, such as VANCL, Amoy music etc..

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Lei Jun Department of enterprise and investment funds including along for the fund, millet and Jinshan software technology. Shun fund