58 Group Chairman Yao Jinbo accept Sina Technology interview

Sina Technology roots from Guiyang

58 Group Chairman Yao Jinbo said: "the netizen comments that our new logo from the Google, I personally do not feel that what is not good, but our new logo is actually because each a subsidiary of color."

in answer to this question, the 58 group’s helm just at the Guiyang Expo, the number 2016 speech, the theme is big data under the new normal life service. He’s around 5 subsidiaries, 58 city, anjuke, 58 home, ganji.com and chinahr.com business, talked about the Internet and big data for local businesses, and local life electricity supplier.

is not difficult to survive electricity supplier

"many local businesses are actually very confused, because they do not know what the Internet means to them?" yaojinbo question when paused, seems to want to observe the audience reaction, then gives the answer: "not sensational, but from the 58 observed data, if the next ten for years, local life can not realize the electricity supplier, that most businesses will die."

Yao Jinbo believe that this trend, and that no one can escape, even in this wave of Internet development process, the realization of the local service class brand reshuffle. He pointed out that the specific way of local service brand will become a App, or a public number, which will replace many old brands.


O2O is a big trend within ten years

also let Yao Jinbo in the 10 year cycle is optimistic about the O2O and share the economy. He said that although the 2015 O2O experienced a roller coaster, but just out of the normal market after the reshuffle is too hot, and he talked to the identity of the summary said: "many entrepreneurs mistake by capital can quickly change the industry, but they do not realize that not every industry are similar and taxi."

Yao Jinbo think O2O will change the way of life and the user experience in the next ten years, just like electricity supplier development process. In addition, he also believes that the sharing of the economy will be a big trend, in this trend, the 58 most interested in the topic of the chairman of the group is".

second-hand idle trading is also a trend

is around 58 in the end of last year, the introduction of second-hand idle trading platform, take Yao Jinbo’s words, not only to share the economic circle, but also the circular economy. Around and WeChat launched cooperation, the use of acquaintances to complete the idle goods transactions, according to Yao Jinbo revealed that the current monthly growth rate of 40%.

is different from the micro business, acquaintances idle items information is not to make you feel bad, you can experience this, sell an idle single shot >