everyone has at least one dream, and a reason to be strong, to achieve the dream needs to face the reality of a strong.

as a lover of love to explore the Internet, I insist on their own dream to set up a website construction company, this is my dream to achieve their own half.

from the software development in professional schools, I have to concentrate on study, be good at thinking, diligent practice. Because the dream to create a website construction company has always been my dream, also very happy in the school made a lot of good teachers and helpful friends, and together they share on the Internet makes me continue to expand knowledge and expand my horizons. Finally, in 13 years, I and my college students under the guidance of the teacher, the success of the National College Students Venture Award, which makes me more determined my goal and the Internet has a greater interest in the exploration.


in school I was in the accumulation of knowledge and planning for the establishment of website construction company, in the correct guidance of teachers and students together with painstaking research, graduated in early I successfully established my website studio. During this period, I have experienced setbacks: the chain achievement is not high, there is no better website resources optimization, web design format is not too ideal, puzzled me, but I did not escape the negative, because I know there will be setbacks also know for sure, so exchange together with colleagues to solve the problem, we found the problem after continuous benefit by mutual discussion, problems and improvement, development studio in progress, at the same time we are also expanding our business, and successfully completed with a number of well-known server business cooperation. Because this is my own dream, during this period of family support and encouragement to make me more confident to do things well.

in this period I really thank and I like fellow friends and I have a dream he worked hard together to focus on the construction site, because have a passion and vitality, keen insistence and innovation and hard work of the team, the studio to rapid development, and successfully build a number of large sites and get better evaluation and this is certainly to our affirmation. Because I love to focus on the Internet so I have more passion, ability to do it well, and progress has been my team and I hope. But since the start of the business, the company has the honor to cooperate with the construction team, which is one of the main reasons for the rapid progress of the company.

I am very glad to do what I am interested in, I not only take it as a career that I persist in doing it, and I will be back up the ideas and methods, new business expansion to improve the company system, listen to others’ suggestions and opinions, to make the establishment of leading companies the brand, to meet the needs of more customers, and strive to reach the customer vision this is my goal, but also hope that the majority of interested friends on the website with my cooperation or discuss the construction site work, believe we can obtain different results.

college grassroots entrepreneurship is not easy, founder of the southern year of science and technology, mainly in Haikou website construction.