from the point of view of development, the United States is no doubt that the film is a phenomenal product.

in January 23rd, I came to the literary atmosphere of Xiamen, the United States to participate in the company’s open day. At the conference site, the company vice president Chen Jie, revealed a key data:

May 8, 2014, the United States pat the line, in January 21, 2015 the amount of users reached 100 million, with a period of 9 months. In contrast, Instagram took 2 years and 5 months from 0 to 100 million users, micro channel from 0 to 100 million users in 1 years and 2 months.


on the stage, Chen Jie confidently said, the United States may be the fastest growing short video community." Currently, the United States to shoot the number of videos uploaded 200 million, the amount of daily upload up to 950 thousand, monthly active users of about 30000000, the daily active users of 5 million, the average length of stay of the user for 15 minutes.

why the United States beat the user to grow so fast? Chen Jie shared 3 experience:

allows users to become the protagonist. Do the same with a short video, Sina micro second shot, compared to the micro film and other products, the United States took more users to express themselves, let users from the audience to become the protagonist;

stimulates user self propagation. Short video effects by 1 MV like, meet the sense of achievement, to stimulate sharing mechanism; sharing 2 built-in, allowing users to take the first step to share; 3 topics initiated activities, improve the user’s sense of participation, to the point, there are 21 micro-blog read broken billion activities;

to utilitarian heart. Chen Jie said that from the very beginning, the United States shot can not be consumed in the social media star, is afraid of the stars to promote the burden." Therefore, the star can beat the United States in the community, "can let the stars play happily in the community, such as Faye Wong, very love film in the United States took their own private life video community; such as Huang Zitao, micro-blog fans is 4 million 890 thousand, but the United States took fans amount to 18 million.

I used to play to beat the United States, the final effect of short video is impressive.

Wu Xinhong after the FAQ link supplement, the video source is divided into UGC (ordinary user contributed content) and PGC (expert contribution content). From the video quality point of view, PGC out of the video will be more sophisticated, but the content from the UGC, although not so good, but more vitality, communication. He said, (between PGC and UGC), I will focus more on the latter."

beauty shoot will be the next focus of the development of Mito