entrepreneurship for four months

tired, neurasthenia sleep well

The details of the work of

need to deal with more and more giant would like to have the avatar

products encountered bottlenecks haunt, every moment with a slide like a lift eye is

want to is not a bunch of things waiting for eyes, painting a new product map wish tomorrow will be able to make a recovery of user feedback

5.1 holiday other people’s state is, yeah, go out to play the holiday, my state is fuck, and delayed 3 days time,

is a not what background, immediately thirty years of age 4 months, entrepreneurship, less income, less sleep, business prospects unknown, chicken run out of empty blood fighting Beijing grass root entrepreneurs in the real life.

today to write this article, is a record of the history of this way for several months, days after recalled the bitter days read to leave, and to intend to business people to share some experience every day, the ear to listen to "start" two words ear cocoon, this 5000 word business diary, tell you in detail, an entrepreneur from scratch, to work for fourth months, every day in the end what to do, get what results, what problems encountered, as well as the body status and income, what is the.

or first to tell you what you did

resigned in December 2014 from the original unit, because I do Internet marketing 8 years of work, so simply engage in an Internet marketing teaching website, the purpose is to make a platform to learn internet marketing can be "practical". Because of the existing marketing teaching content, otherwise it is particularly empty, a bunch of theory, how it sounds right, a specific work, it can not be used. Otherwise it is super expensive, the threshold is too high. So I put my years of practical experience, recorded into the teaching video, hoping to solve the practical problems of marketing learners.

I entered, from several aspects, this a few months to record business in what has been done, are: what is the distribution of time and how quickly completed what work, burnout, encountered the difficult things, and we are most concerned about the problem of income.

entrepreneurship first months: January 6th -2 month, 6

1 time allocation and completion of work:

10 days out of a free class of 26 hours

just started to do the product, summed up a few words is, as soon as possible on-line, rapid recovery of user feedback. So for the marketing teaching website, my time, about 10 days from out a set of 26 class consisting of free class, is mainly about 3 aspects: the concept of marketing, the Internet industry and the future development of salary and how to interview. The reason I do this is that I suspect that mainstream users are college students, so I want to