authentic good herbal tea authentic good voice welcome by JDB title……" This is a video of Tian Qin beat the United States on the fire, she is in Washington intern take 10 seconds to shoot. She took 9 seconds to imitate China’s classic lines, made a sick look at the last second, won the praise of the 11 thousand. After that, the United States took the circle of friends, became her most commonly used social applications.

U.S. film company is the United States in May last year launched a short video community. Sooner than it appears to have been abandoned as the Tencent, the United States took the unexpected burst of red, within 9 months, the number of users exceeded 100 million. To achieve the same results, micro credit for 14 months.

this less than 500 before the company has two level products – Meitu Xiu Xiu and the phenomenon of beauty camera, the number of users they have billions of dollars. In fact, the United States has a total of 800 million products, mobile end users, 510 million mobile terminal devices and 180 million monthly active users. This group of figures in China after Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba.

is now not satisfied with the United States to create the necessary products installed. For example, it has entered the field of hardware, launched the flagship HD front camera Mito phone; and the real change in the pattern of the United States, or the United States shot – a social platform is much greater than the potential for image processing tools.

Mito CEO Wu Xinhong said, "2014 the most regretful thing is in the United States took on too conservative". Although 9 months of the speed of the user is not really slow, but Wu Xinhong means that, for a long time, the United States and the United States is still in the tools used to do the idea of doing the United States, which is also the success of his habits model.

Wu Xinhong readily draw beauty shot of the original Demo, only 1 buttons, 4 filters, even there is no sharing page. "The original idea, since we finished the photo like to make it look good, then the video should have the same idea." Chen Jie, vice president of the United States responsible for product recalls.

beauty always seems to be very good at grasping the most common delicate needs – perhaps not so advanced, but very accurate.

Wu Xinhong said that she was a "Mensao pseudo geek", love racing, is the first BMW I8 owners, see the Google Glass will be thrilled, but not very good at speaking female colleagues in the company. At least know female aesthetic but the man who won admission Tsinghua Academy of fine arts painting students.


Skin, a key beauty effect of Meitu Xiu Xiu’s

mill fame comes from his judgment on the makeup trend: "we all love whitening well, then the photo also should be repaired."

product team will be very careful to ensure that this judgment to keep up with the changing times. For example, Wu Xinhong noticed that people Tucao overly PS, he also found that many people began to love close to the original effect. "This is consistent with the aesthetic trend. It’s not popular anymore