June 30th news Chinese Unicom and nine wireless media recently announced that nine of its Internet platform is easy to make customized CRBT is easy to make, has officially started operation in June 28th. From now on, China Unicom’s mobile phone users can easily earn Chinese, from the network, customized advertising CRBT, revenue sharing, or the CRBT channel to charity.


commercials before CRBT

is easy to make China Unicom CRBT, super CRBT platform based in the common front with advertising and promotional spots for CRBT, convenience, public welfare advertisement Hyun tone.

is easy to make CRBT form, the advertising content, the normal sowing songs add 7-15 seconds before the example: " Coca-Cola to remind you, please pay attention to the traffic safety of " during the Olympic Games; + normal CRBT songs " I wish you peace; ".

nine wireless media stakeholders, Unicom mobile phone users open to make CRBT service, can earn advertising into the points for prizes, participate in the prize to participate in public entertainment, promotion and fund-raising activities.

allows mobile phone users to work

with the CPI rise, many consumers are in the discussion, one yuan can now buy what? In Beijing, a yuan of money can buy a cup of Soybean Milk, or 3 copies of the newspaper, or take the bus; in Shanghai, one yuan can make ten bottles of water in the University; or a bowl of Mung Bean Congee; or a cold drink, or a tea egg.

for more number of telephone users, easy to make CRBT to provide them with a " a yuan of money do not have to spend it in half " opportunity.

reporter from easy to operate online test data during the operation, the monthly income of many users has more than 30 yuan, an average of more than $1 a day. In order to save it Many a little make a mickle., mobile phone workers 3 years to users can earn more than 1000 yuan.

said it is easy to make mobile phone users customized CRBT need active, in the telephone, each effective CRBT advertising, will be a main advertising revenue sharing.

is easy to make CRBT service began to formally accept the order and Chinese Unicom users to download through in June 28th, the first batch will open 5000, the user can login, register for free, users can also send SMS to 106551239 A users, SMS can be added to make the opening "(from 5000 the quota, when advertising CRBT) will return, of course, did not open CRBT function of the user needs before opening CRBT function.

telecom industry for the first time into the user to make money era

whether it is China Unicom or China Mobile, whether it is China Telecom or China Netcom, whether domestic operators, or internationally renowned telecom operators, since the beginning of their operation