no matter what, since it is a novice, more or less there are some common Wangzhuan too, there is something wrong with it, is the key to get rid of. Write one after another because of your blog, usually encountered many beginner, I asked the question and of every hue, itself is from beginner to come, so I hope these words will help beginner as soon as possible to get rid of the shackles, mature.

, East a hammer West a wooden stick. Beginner most impatient, ambitious. See people doing a project to make money, immediately follow suit, also want to get busy, a few days I heard a new Wangzhuan project, afraid of missing, but also quickly launched, and for a few days that foreign Wangzhuan income is high, and began to study abroad, you know, can chew in this way, the result is that all know a bit, but everything is not fine to do, is a waste of time.

two download love Wangzhuan tutorial, no action. Many beginner have this problem, is to see the good good tutorial, eyes shine, wow, next, afraid to miss the opportunity. After a look at it, it is really a good tutorial, written in great detail, it is feasible to do something, be sure to make money. Then the heart dream about going to work tomorrow. Then go to another idea or practice as Wangzhuan tutorial. The results of a lot of tutorials, to the second day, what to forget, and will not really do things in the tutorial.

three, mouth asked, do not search. Some new friends do not develop search habits, there is a problem, or in the Q group, one asked, however, when we see things, we can say the vast majority have explained the answer. There is a time for you to ask yourself to search, has been resolved, why waste time and even owe someone else?

four, casual, not see the key. Now Wangzhuan forum innumerable, such as billion make Wangzhuan forum, there are many more column posts, I don’t know where to look, but a look at the East West look one, can not find the key, do not see the essence. The correct way is to look at the top card, look at the essence of post, forum theme for some functions, such as browsing, to see the theme, focus on learning, there are levels of.

killed five, give up halfway. Wangzhuan novice to get a love Wangzhuan project, it can indeed operate and profitable, immediately into action, but for a period of time, no income, no longer want to insist, give up. In fact, a lot of things, not all of a sudden success, such as website ranking optimization, the effect can not meet at one thirty, you stick with the correct way to do, will open up a new world, but if you give up the whole.

said in front, since it is a novice, some problems are understandable, we are not afraid, as long as one step, down to earth, the novice will become an old hand. Has your blog especially willing to cheer for our new! Original reviews such as if reproduced, reproduced, please indicate the >