Western Christmas just past, accompanied by the joy and joy of the festival, waste heat, we will usher in the new year’s Day festival, a new round of carnival is bound to form a market heat wave. And this year’s new year’s Day promotional efforts fierce, wide range of industries, it is rare.

      today, I visited the major electronics stores, Home Furnishing stores, new world shopping mall, shopping malls and other places of Xidan, Wangfujing, all the way down, do not discount anything, even a way to sing up McDonald’s, KF
C also slashed prices. The vision to relax some, telecom operators also did not miss this holiday opportunity, hanging promotional banner. China Telecom 189 Tianyi spring series of promotional activities, China Mobile promotion, domestic roaming scheme of Beijing Unicom prepaid users send double calls promotions.

      for the consumer market, the price is always a magic weapon. In addition to consumers can enjoy the real benefits, the price is also an important guarantee for the expansion of sales of businesses. Unlike in previous years, affected by the financial crisis this year, many foreign companies have to use price cuts to seize the Chinese market, and telecom operators in the reorganization, in order to make up for the loss of users, promotional efforts unprecedented. Compared with the mobile telecommunications business is like a raging fire fighting, Telecom’s fixed line business is relatively calm a lot.

      "fixed telecommunications business is not so smooth, but in the Riptide" network CEO Dong Guojie gave away the mystery market. To 400 phones, for example, the phone has 4008 of the telecommunications, the number of the 4007, Netcom, the 4006 of the 400. Research results show that telecom 4008 because of its strong stability, wide coverage and according to the top, the market coverage of more than 99%. China Telecom 4008 business hotline in the north of the first agent in China Netcom attracted much attention. At the turn of the year, in the network launched the "open the gifts, calls 40 percent off preferential lifelong enjoy" promotion plan, it is reported that this promotion date to January 25, 2009

      according to Dong Guojie said that the 400 phone can effectively enhance the corporate brand, many enterprises at home and abroad customer center of choice, in the 4008 "open telephone number or gifts, after calls 40 percent off preferential lifelong enjoyment" advertise, through network consultation hotline continuously, now has been successful for a car, finance, logistics, private hospitals and other different industries opened nearly one hundred number.