intelligent interactive website alliance ( is known in Advertising Co., Gong Feng’s, since 2000, is committed to electronic commerce and industry professional website network marketing. Accurate positioning of the industry, the public more detailed; professional platform to provide 360° network marketing programs and characteristics of the industry website services, and strive to build the industry and e-commerce class alliance first platform.

  interactive website alliance core advantage Zhiyuan:
1.  has a rich experience, enthusiastic team;
2.  experience management website alliance rich;
3.  provide professional 360° network marketing plan and features of web service;
4.  have a good reputation and brand, for advertisers and site owners to create a win-win cooperation platform.

intelligent interactive website alliance provides rich advertising products for the webmaster choice: Baidu theme, Baidu search box, recruitment registration, registration, registration, I love card I love my India registered + order into, colorful Valley, excellence, I have a net…… The timely payment of the alliance, a good reputation so that the trust of the CO owners.

intelligent interactive website alliance for advertisers to implement the real effect of paid advertising model, such as: CPC (per click for Cost, according to the number of independent IP ad clicks), CPL (Cost per lead, according to the number of independent advertising click guide arrived at IP, CPA Cost per (paid) action, according to the user guide effective number action or behavior after the arrival of the CPS (Cost) and pay per sale, according to the user’s Guide to the purchase of consumer payment amount), by virtue of the Union’s own good reputation, perfect system, mature operation and years of rich experience in the promotion, in the "marketing" service and establish their own quality brand. We are now on the
all website host implementation can be found after official data in the background. For more than two thousand of the monthly amount we can carry out QQ remote assistance directly to watch the official data of the Federation of advertisers, for the current site is fair. There is absolutely no possibility of deduction. At the same time, considering the current income is not very high, we launched a tax-free policy alliance. Let stationmaster income is higher, the interactive advertising alliance with the master Zhiyuan stand as " ".