Baidu alliance members, Hello:

November the Commission has begun to pay, please note that check, some enterprises members of the Commission will be completed within 25 days of this month to pay.

The following members of the Commission in November failed to pay the

, please contact the financial background of the union as soon as possible to modify the financial information in order to be issued next month.

Financial information

payment information to the last day of each month the League background records shall prevail, if cannot be modified by the end of the month, will likely result in the delay in payment is divided into 1-2 months.


alliance to remind you: please try to modify the financial information in the month before the end of the month.

(1) online banking system returned, membership list is as follows:

nokiabbs, horseonline, tfpower, wedmaster, pkjg, itdxq, tjhaocai, Chian, Lezhuang,

chriswen, hnzhaopinxiao, ge520, baiducom, dzqol, olmk, cn2che, education, community,

mozillacn, icefish1.

(2) post office remittance address is unknown, the membership list is as follows:

mmzdxsk, Tianlan, 00968, down24com, songhuajun, zjzxw, Firefox, zcxf1, 26388521,

sunren, wshw, site65658, default, zxlujun, bbc168, dx566.

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