today I have to do Wangzhuan for a period of time, from the moment of leaving school because I did not find some factors of their own work, because had been exposed to some of the network to make money, so want to make money through the Internet, fortunately, I learn the computer, and just do, and begin through the website of the Wangzhuan road.

The first project,

Wangzhuan Witkey, remember do not know what is Witkey, because of a coincidence on the Internet, when the Internet search how to make money, see the pig Witkey, at that time the pig is not very hot, and then went in to see, do some simple tasks later found tens of thousands of dollars a month for the task of some people, that time will envy, I just learn web production, some foundation in art, just the most popular pig is the task of web design and LOGO, so I started the Witkey Road, due to lack of experience is to receive a single, but also dare to pick up the hundreds of pieces, but not for one or two months, was about to give up when go out looking for work, in the car on the way to receive a Witkey network SMS, bid, more than and 300 yuan, although very small, but it let me have the power, in Witkey also earn a sum of not too much wealth, life second gold, forgot to say, is also the first pot of gold website, but the teacher for help.

since the last bit of luck and unremittingly, let me full of hope for the Witkey, and later began a frenzied P, contributing many times every day, no matter in the period of time did not get the case, but because the plan to do more, then there are customers come to us, but also from the case. Hundreds to thousands, and then to non 1000 not connected at present.

is because of a coincidence, I met a guest website customers want to do, so I contact the Taobao customer, so far as Taobao has been three months, but also the beginning of no income, at the end of the first month to finally have a few dollars, or your own buy, but the first second months there were more than and 300 pieces of income, it is a three hundred, let me have the power, one month is more than and 500, now I am afraid to break two to 3000, a site of income.

web site for three months, have seen a lot of tutorials, with some people had heard some money on the network course, then read some news, summarizes some methods of making money online, in fact, very easy to make money online, just to see how you perform, a project may not be fast to the kind of money, but a long time will be more and more money, it depends on how you do to insist, a few days ago found a promotion of the project is to recommend others to install the software, and then use the two function inside (free function, not a minute), you can get a dollars, not install once you have a piece of money, not to repeat the installation, one might think, how to earn a lot of money


actually, install a dollar, ten thousand people >