The online business boom is surging. From the current profit model has been formed, there are so many three.    

A is like Sohu, Sina, Baidu and other large portals, make the brand also make traffic, attract venture capital funds to intervene, finally seeking overseas listing or more site acquisition, acquisition of huge amounts of money into the high-speed development. This is really generous, entrepreneurs experienced hardships of suffering, and ultimately flourishes, billionaire. But after all, this opportunity is less, the so-called "achieves guku million, the high attrition rate.

Gong Haiyan obviously belongs to the first profit model of pursuit, high-end positioning, careful maintenance, aimed at the final victory. She will "Jiayuan" located in the educated "small white-collar" at this point, her pursuit of the purity of the website, eliminate pornographic content, but also control the commercial advertisement; her goal is based on "Jiayuan", to do a career rather than earn a sum of money to leave, so she can not be reconciled in the hundreds of million yuan price will be the site. Today, her pursuit and perseverance has made an enviable progress, and MSN hand in hand, so that she is closer to success.

– a practical guide.

– site segmentation: finding the most promising field

if the key is to buy a house "location, location, location", then joint office website is "location, location, location". Only choose some easy to attract the eye, but also has the potential to be dug in the field, can be in a short time to attract the attention of investors.

– customers: graduate students, white-collar workers

by Gong Haiyan from the campus started, of course of graduate students is her main customer group. In fact, students tend to spend too much effort in learning, social circle is small, so the customers soon will be the name of the site spread word of mouth. On this basis, white-collar workers also joined.

: a combination of online and offline activities

network after all.