A few days ago

introduced 20 projects Chinese new media entrepreneurship contest finals, and please guess winning the top three. Results announced today. Four, segmentfault, the car dealers through this course, taini iPad magazine platform, including 3 right person or a number of bandits analyzed the reasons, mainly I provided limited information, and try to provide information more comprehensive. Today, I put 8 of the materials and finishing, and made some comments, welcome to communicate with each other.

The top 8 are

, segmentfault, at this time, the car dealer through this course, taini Journal iPad platform, man socks, her life, broadcasting, community applications.

car business

project: 4S shop solution SCRM system, provide the 4S shop WeChat Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) solutions to the public number, car service, customer relationship management, WeChat public solutions (SCRM), has gradually become the automobile intelligent service system, the main leader of the car mobile life platform.

bandit comments: this project is a project in Shenzhen, CEO is the founder of the original owner of the house, in the area of Southern China automobile industry has ten years of accumulation, the original is in the use of WEB1.0 in the way of operation, also made considerable achievements. WeChat’s popularity has led to a more efficient solution for the automotive industry. Based on the start of WeChat for a period of time, want to make quick money too much, but from the recent start, more and more entrepreneurs and specific industries, and rooted in specific industries.

specific industry rooted, strong execution, coupled with the pig can blow up the wind, it is worth looking forward to. A number of VC in depth contact, it is estimated that there will be news recently: (


star assumes



Project Profile: SegmentFault.com is a Chinese developer Q & a community to provide developers with efficient problem solving platform. Word of mouth network founded by former employees, after nearly a year of development, attracting a large number of programmers, the rapid development in the field of mainstream programming! At the same time the SegmentFault team has been involved in and held more than and 10 class hacker marathon! SF held hackathons have received so much attention in the world, with many contestants this platform to know a lot of friends, and find the investment technology partner


bandits comments: This is a local project in Hangzhou, as the code has been more like the farmer’s community. Pretty fresh and simple style, 3 85 after 90, the founder of Indoorsman understand Indoorsman. They launched the hacker marathon, has been held in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Hangzhou and so on. Stackoverflow + Lin>