has just opened its Web site www.ksjfw.cn, found that the layout of the site seems to have changed, a careful observation, even on the web page of all Google Adsense advertising all disappeared. My first thought was, I was K, immediately log on Google Adsense, but also log in, view today’s income, shown as 0, the previous income are also in. It’s not like K.

so I quickly opened a few friends of the site and found that they put the place where the Google Adsense advertising has become a blank, all disappeared.

search in Baidu for a while, as early as 07 years in June, Google Adsense ads on the fault, all the sites of the Google Adsense ads are gone. Including NetEase and some foreign websites. NetEase is currently the largest Google AdSense publisher.

the specific reason for the disappearance of the Google AdSense is not very clear, but it should not be planned, because the last Google AdSense adjustments are made in advance notice. Moreover, the current Google AdSense site can also be normal access, but the contents of the page Google AdSense all disappeared. Perhaps Google will explain the incident later.