July 30, 2008, the beautiful city of Nanning ushered in the world’s leading enterprises Google visit. Google is currently recognized as the world’s largest search engine, which provides a simple and easy to use free service, users can instantly get relevant search results. The practicability and convenience of Google won the favor of many users, it is almost entirely become one of the world’s most famous brand in the user’s junction mouth praise. As a business, Google provides revenue through the provision of advertising services, enabling advertisers to publish online advertising related to the specific content of the page, important and effective.

thousands of Web site managers use Google AdSense plans to publish ads related to their website content, increase revenue and improve the user experience.

Google trip to Nanning, Guangxi is destined to be another gospel on the Internet development path. Heartfelt thanks and welcome the arrival of Google.

is located in Yongjiang Hotel salon. Out of admiration and respect for Google, we couldn’t wait to arrive half an hour earlier. Other sites around Guangxi to delegates then are very punctual, Google to AdSense salon on time to lecture, without a second delay. Here, I am proud of our site representatives around the Guangxi feel a little proud.



Google AdSense salon provides an optimized Manual of manual advertising. Contains four elements of AdSense optimization, optimization of advanced skills, make full use of online resources and other content, adhering to the Google has always been simple, practical style.


partner salon questionnaire, including Sharon and AdSense program comments and suggestions for improvement.


Zhou Wenbiao Google North Asia sales and operations director

Speaker: win-win cooperation with



Lin Lin Google space network chief technology

Speaker: publishers to share the successful experience of




as Google in the region’s largest cooperation in Guangxi >