compared with invalid clicks, customers are more concerned about the promotion effect of search engines, Baidu CEO Robin Li recently held in the 2007 New Economic Forum, said.

Robin Li does not avoid the topic of invalid clicks. According to reports, the Wall Street has also been on the invalid argument for a long time. The earliest time Wall Street investment experts asked search engine companies to disclose the click rate, the average price per click and other information. However, after the listing of Google did not disclose the above information publicly. Robin Li said, is not very reasonable to publish, because this information does not indicate that a search engine business is doing good or bad."

Robin Li think, for a customer, whether it is his understanding of technology, search engine promotion effect is how he is most concerned about. For example, a customer for promotion to spend thirty thousand dollars to get fifty calls at Baidu, he was in another site also costs thirty thousand dollars but received five telephone consultation, the effect is good or bad, Tatemi compete".

"we can not know which one click will make the customer orders, but we know that customers get money in Baidu, is not in any other place," Robin Li this is quite confident.

many Baidu customers also said that after Baidu tried to promote the business, to achieve the same effect as Baidu, elsewhere is likely to need to spend two times, even more than four times the price to do promotion. Network marketing experts said, the current Baidu PPC business model, including its price system, can help customers achieve more with less investment business growth, from a cost point of view is a very cost-effective way of promotion.

In addition, Baidu

anti click fraud technology is also leading the industry.

"Baidu can do most of the malicious click filter," Baidu business senior product marketing director Wang Zhan said. According to reports, Baidu attaches great importance to anti click fraud technology, already has a set of perfect prevention system against click fraud; relying on years of accumulated data, and analysis of specialized technical team of Baidu has established a day in and day out, a set of system complexity, to calculate and judge each click is not healthy click behavior.

China is the only one of the national designated software service evaluation agencies – China Software Evaluation Center, has not notified Baidu in the case of Baidu’s anti malicious click system for functional testing. The test results show that: Baidu PPC system can completely prevent malicious clicks, billing is reliable, in the process of malicious click test, the data processing is accurate, there has never been a mistake, multi record.

"for now, Baidu PPC is still the best way to promote the return on investment for customers," said Robin Li.