webmaster do website, it is nothing but want to share a cup of soup in wangzhuan. But with the form of more and more severe, this bowl of rice is more delicious, how talent shows itself in the increasingly fierce environment, do the most profitable webmaster, some way below I know Wangzhuan and exchange views under.

1 do personal website, do a good job flow, earn advertising fees

to do their own site, this is a good look at the current form, such as novels, navigation, query classes, etc., when the site has a certain amount of traffic, selling advertising, playing Google or Baidu advertising, access to advertising. This approach is currently the most mainstream, the most common, but the owners need to have some technical knowledge and operational experience. Otherwise, even if the site built, there is no traffic, there is no way to earn advertising costs. For example: the novel station you read (nidua.com) is to make money in this way, and in just three months began to profit.

2 do goods site, earn the difference

to do a commodity website, on the site to sell more popular or precious rare commodity. Goods can be their own can also be sold to other companies. This approach is e-commerce, it can be said to have the most potential for development. But this is also the need for participants in the technology, experience, and the need for commodity resources and channels of circulation. For ordinary people, the difficulty is slightly larger, if the money is not a problem, you can try. For example: my friend’s website: evening primrose is very good, a month to earn money, now doing very well.

3 use network services to make money

, such as the provision of fees for online movies, music and other services charge, through the collection of service fees or membership fees to get revenue. For ordinary people, the way is also more difficult. And it needs to have a lot of interest and patience, but also related to the charges, the possibility of bigger is not very high. After all, as the starting point of the literary station is not too much.

4 free Wangzhuan project

Many ways including free Wangzhuan

. We see on the Internet Click to make money, mail to make money recommend money to make money to make money to make money is belong to this type. This type is free of charge. The cost is only time. Many people think this way not worth mentioning. Even thought it was fake. The reason is that if the individual alone, do spend time to pay too long (60 days). This way in order to obtain a higher income, must have a considerable number of offline. At least 10 or more. In this way, in a relatively short period of time to pay. Do this kind of project, do well in order to earn more than $1000 monthly. If time has a lot of free time people can try.

5 domain name investment make money

domain name is a unique cyber source, unique, good domain name can be said very valuable. Hundreds of thousands, millions or even