in the "stupid network advertising alliance earn the basic principle and operation strategy" in one article, had to introduce CPS to this form of advertising. The so-called CPS, refers to the sales paid. Many webmasters believe that CPS is paid by the effect, it is difficult to promote, it is difficult to get the benefits, so this form of cold. But in fact, but as long as the master of the essentials of CPS, CPC, CPA earn more money. You don’t even need a lot of traffic, you can make a lot of money. Because CPS sales commission is relatively high, usually in 10%-30%. if there is a visitor from your website to buy 100 yuan of goods, you can get a commission of $twenty or thirty. One day as long as a single transaction, a month down there are 600-1000 income. This website can be copied is very strong, you do five similar website promotion of different commodities, it is no problem to earn a month 349. Visible, the key to making money online is not a station to earn much money, but with much stronger copy.

A website below

to stupid had done as an example to explain.

The first step of

, stupid results in the network chose the Internet advertising underwear. Why choose this, here to talk about the choice of advertising two important factors, one is the amount of Baidu search can not be too low, it should not be too high, in between 100-1000 for good. Two commodity prices generally do not choose too low, the Commission generally choose a high commission. Feel underwear in the daily search volume Baidu at about 100-200. Its low price of 50 or so, about $200, the Commission commission ratio of 15%., therefore, it is very suitable for the promotion of SEO.

second, he made a website and began to feel the underwear, optimize. I feel all the way up in the title and keywords, description of underwear, layout reasonable and repeated in the page. In the above page selected a feel official Web picture insert, and add the results of network advertising links. This website initially built feel underwear.

third step, continuous update and increase the chain. To update the content is very simple, copy a product can come into a web page from the official network of internet. One more day can be added. Did not want to be more, the key is to adhere to update every day. The chain, the daily increase of about 2 outside the chain, adhere to half a month.

results: after half a month, I do feel this station keywords to Baidu underwear row second. Ranked first is the official website, can not go beyond his. But even if the row second, a day there are dozens of IP. Sometimes a single day, sometimes three days a single. Conversion rate is not particularly high. But to my surprise, although there is a small majority, but there are individual from my website in the wholesale, a single turnover is several thousand yuan. Stupid network can get a few hundred dollars from the Commission in a single. The site was done for two months, then in a Baidu update, the site was K, so give up the station. This two >