The strategy is a focus on the overall situation and long-term planning, is the science and art of a use of force in high rationality under the guidance of great wisdom; site in today’s competitive environment, to achieve success is not easy, the fierce degree will be less than the real war, the development of the website must have the correct strategy, in order to achieve the desired goals, to achieve long-term development, and keep the position of leadership.

strategy, is a lack of the support of the rational and moral requirements of the fraud, is a little trick. Website optimization, key words cheating, a variety of website promotion methods, etc., but only a small trick, can only be achieved in the local small effect, not enough to support the long-term development of the site.

sincerely: from five aspects based on the website and the competitor’s information for comparative analysis, so as to explore the possibility of victory. The Tao is the basic orientation of a website, the website, must be reasonable and legitimate, fully representative of the interests of users, meet their needs, real value to society. The so-called day refers to all aspects of social change and development trend, as a webmaster, must understand the trend of network technology, Internet users demand trends, changes in national policy trends and so on, with flexibility. The so-called, refers to the site development environment, according to the different development environment. So called, is the webmaster must have a certain quality,.