Chinese Internet business environment compared with the Silicon Valley, from the investment environment, now have no shortage of VC, not lack of angel, entrepreneurs I think in the challenge of courage, the courage to subvert innovation, out of the ordinary, indeed there is a big gap with the Silicon Valley. Dark horse brother hope by the old week lecture articles can bring entrepreneurial thoughts are not the same as the



looking for inspiration, dig a dark horse, hot comments, here is the dark horse News Agency: I travel to the United States, most of the Silicon Valley, New York to the very few. Silicon Valley is generally exposed to two aspects: one is VC, one is entrepreneurs. In the high-end atmosphere on the level of the occasion, such as charity party Finance Conference, what, I will feel nervous and cramped, because they do not know should say what, but when you go abroad to see VC, see entrepreneurs, feel good. Foreign VC who told me about it, because I also entrepreneurs, speak directly, don’t beat around the Bush, remove the language unlike returnees so fluently, they think I’m more like Silicon Valley, from the mode of thinking is concerned.

a few months ago, I came to the United States to contact some of the Silicon Valley start-up companies, with young entrepreneurs to chat, I have three strong feelings: first, the spirit of the different. These people may have the idea of every hue "strange", even it is fantastic. You will find that they are very different from others. I think this is an important feature of innovation; second, the product manager spirit. I met entrepreneurs are talking to you about his new product, we will focus on the product, everyone is a product manager. Third, the spirit of subversion. A boy of eighteen, nine years old, he had the feeling that can change the world, he can kill a large company today.

this is different from our country’s Internet entrepreneurs. To be honest, I also participated in a lot of entrepreneurs, there are quite a lot of entrepreneurs like to talk to you about the concept, O2O, wearable devices or something. Talking about the concept, I think is the most boring, because the concept is the right nonsense. Concept does not mean that consumers must use your product. Silicon Valley’s product manager spirit, you might say he is too pragmatic, too pragmatic, no strategy, but any great companies are starting from a product.

basically, the cultural tradition of Silicon Valley is product driven, which is consistent with the idea that I had been leading. In Silicon Valley, we generally do not talk about the concept. Because I’ve done — now of course entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs, investors have been talking about the concept, later found that in addition to entertain, mixed reputation in the industry, in fact not affect users. Users use your products, they only care about what you do, can solve my problems, do not listen to the idea behind you. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs will be able to give you a description of how the specific product, the Israelis have such characteristics – to solve the problem, rather than talking about ideas.