Jennifer · Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) is one of the most popular female singer and actress red, to what extent? She is said to have legs insured for $200 million, 100 million hip, 250 million hips, 200 million chest, head and face all around fifty million dollars, numerous add up to more than $1 billion, count Jennifer · Lopez has the world’s most expensive body. Today, we do not talk about her gossip, but her Internet entrepreneurial dream. Recently Jennifer · Lopez in cooperation with high-tech entrepreneurs to enter the field of electronic commerce, Teeology website, online sales of fashion and luxury T-shirt; although the website has been launched, but revealed little information.

T-shirt in sunny southern California has become a kind of fashion, wearing fashionable T-shirts and cheap sunglasses in Losangeles has become a popular reality TV show in the classical collocation, such as "Jersey Shore" (Jersey Shore). launched a high-end T-shirt with a variety of artists and designers. Voting, only the most popular design style will be put into production. If the designer T-shirt is not what you want, but also the basis of a $20 and a $29 limited edition. The site claims that it into nowadays many successful elements, such as Crowdsourcing design concept (reminiscent of, "American Idol" (American Idol, like super girls as popular talent show) competition elements, Pinterest elements, and the elements of social sharing celebrity website ShoeDazzle.

Teeology style fashion, fashion, avant-garde. Design of the driving theme, such as "wild west" and "British style" and "California dream" theme are possible. There are many specialized global selling t-shirts website, including the domestic customers also sell T-shirts, but most of them are cheap. Jennifer · Lopez may be able to fill the gaps in the modern T-shirt on the Internet, but she also has to face competition from offline shopping malls. Each of the major retail stores are operating in a sense of design t-shirt, they tend to grasp the pulse of the market, changing trends and seasonal.

but also not underestimate the appeal of Teeology, after all, one of America’s biggest celebrity, Jennifer · Lopez, is the owner of the company. The Internet business, was originally a Silicon Valley engineer things, but now more and more Hollywood stars on the rise of network business opportunities to make money, has become another small Silicon Valley; but the social reality is that, as long as there’s money, you will naturally attract attention, now the most profitable place — in the network world. Internet entrepreneurs and stars together Nuggets Internet, may become