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what is the profit of this small business? Characteristic snacks Department

open return profit distribution mall profiteering

what is a double entry Taobao guest double entry Taobao guest is what?

he is the new normal, Taobao mall customer agent, agent after you have the same mall, mall merchandise is the system automatically calls Taobao sales of goods, that is: you help Taobao sellers to sell their goods, you do not need to supply, do not need to do not need to send the customer service. Logistics and customer service to do, as long as you allow buyers to buy things from your store, you have a commission (Commission, commission and Taobao customers are the same, the highest percentage of 50%).

in addition, the website and Taobao, Taobao guest guest website rebate site is the same, but he is a bit special: you can recruit agents, you give your agent to build a shopping mall as a web site, you have 500 yuan, 450 yuan commission. The site is a key to complete, do not you will stand, do not you have any other professional knowledge and skills in 30 minutes to complete. Life without any other costs.

simply put, the double Taobao Taobao refers to the two revenue is a guest mode.

After the opening of the

double Taobao customers, can easily build one or more rebate website, can easily earn promotion rebate network, Taobao passenger commission.

After joining

, you will get a permanent rebate mall website + permanent free space + high professional technical personnel for your free maintenance, optimize and upgrade the website.

you only need your promotion, rebate website, Taobao can do long railway station to earn commissions.

this project is called double Taobao guest, after you buy through Taobao guest website earn commission to make money, you can also open the development of lower level agents to make money, this money is two aspects!

You can also

, for others to build the rebate mall site to earn the difference, you do not need to have any professional skills, but the key to add in the background, you can easily create a rebate website, earn super high agency commission! When you open for others when agents to automatically generate a website for your agents! A fix! Fool! You don’t need to build the


please look at my rebate mall http://s.381713669.fanhuanli.com/ this is my store demo address, my QQ number is 381713669. The domain name is the two domain name after the opening, if you need top-level domain names can be bound in the background top-level domain. After the agency you will have such an independent website, you can bind >