notes: some couples often ask, off-season came, what should I do? Every day is very busy, have nothing to do, one day of inquiry are not boring, good Oh, maybe there are a lot of people will be so complaining……

this time last year, I was also a newcomer, no old customers, no new customers. My Ali account was registered in April 9, 2012. I don’t know what’s the time of registration, the Alibaba integrity is do not know how to operate, I’m in the Alibaba "inside the mess look, see some good posts in the home, their own will go in. I see a lot of thinking of their own can also do that? Most of the time so that when I asked myself, even a shop are not registered, is itself a free shop, then do not use online banking, even individuals are not real name authentication, how can a Ali Wangwang like this one order


miss every opportunity to buy information hi to the first single

in May last year, I just want to register a month’s time, there has been no orders, purchase information found in Ali, I find my first single click here, can look down at that time to write this post soon, Ali ~ purchase information to win in the first single, the first time to write such a long post, but also by the moderator and the essence of that time was very happy, so the mood like now is a lot of new people.

no shop, business and where to come from

Wang Pu, will not take care of Wang Pu, not the integrity of operations, nor Pu decoration, that time had also lost their own, do not know where to start, then got into the forum, met a week, because the week Youjin SAARC, then came to the business growth (before the network understanding the crooked training), sister, sister is crooked to teach me how to learn to use certification, Alipay is topclass Yuan Yiming taught here, sincerely thank you. When the growth of the business mix mixed forum, I opened a personal real name authentication, the free shop free, but Wang Pu is certainly not a business, because the rankings do not come, no certification Wang Pu, need your products to customers will not find you, because there is no guarantee. At that time, in addition to the mixed forum is to buy information inside looking for information, constantly looking for, every day will buy the information turned over several times. In the purchase of information inside it really let me find my second list.

off-season struck, and constantly strive to learn

6-7-8 basically is the off-season, significantly fewer orders, purchase information inside information is updated more slowly, so start learning how to decorate the Pu, Pu is the customer into the store first we see things moving round the big company head, etc.; learning how to use PS to make pictures. The picture is beautiful, attract the attention of customers. How to release high-quality product information, how to make the product to achieve five star; just released the product of the concept of five-star is not very clear