Let’s take a look at some interesting contrast data.  

1, MSN daily maximum number of simultaneous online 500 thousand. World of Warcraft daily highest simultaneous online number of 5 million;  

2,   business daily single user contribution General Portal good CLICK about 20 online games; single user per minute contribution of CLICK more than 20 members of the user, the average daily online games more than 1 hours, if the game in a CLICK as a PV, then PV is the site of the game 3600 times.  

2 times the annual trading volume of

3, Chinese virtual game equipment, game cards not less than about 4 billion yuan.  

A, what allows users to contribute CLICK 

network community: from 70%, 20% from the headlines attract user personalized information, including the CLICK main actions: browse, comment, publish, vote, collection, editing etc.. MYSPACE and so on the individual as the center of the community platform personalized information editing CLICK volume has increased, but the proportion is not more than 30% 

Fast feedback principle  

game, every time the value of the CLICK feedback are basically instant, I see the blood, brandished a knife, cut down the enemy on the screen there is no direct feedback, cut down half blood need to cut 5 knife, then 5 points under the mouse. And the value feedback of the CLICK in the network community in addition to browsing behavior is delayed, and.