love to decide the direction of entrepreneurship

asked: when you do the video in the country is not very good, how can you identify and insist on it?

Koo: 2005 left the Sohu, was really not clear to say specifically what to do, do you know the world travel, and then to New York to accompany my wife to read. At that time a lot of demo site, 2005 July and August, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube is still in beta. I saw many has no time to see the film and television drama, cramming for several seasons of "24 hours" and "escape".

later, either in the form of products and Technology (bandwidth to a critical point) including content (domestic 2005 "super girls", a multi screen content form), this time to feel indistinct. Founded in 2005, a unified network, was "naked", no products, no technology, no office, no objects, there is a general direction.

then began to spend months exploring. At that time, even considered the acquisition of some of the P2P technology companies, but also with a strong content production companies to talk about the joint venture, the contract is signed, that is to do a similar interactive reality show. But when you do not have a platform, with the TV station is particularly difficult to talk, although with money and experienced team to go. At that time Wang Han are partners with "super girls" of the same people, such a good condition with the TV talk is very difficult. And Hubei TV to talk about the difficulty of just like tooth extraction, the last condition is really unacceptable to give up.

: so, how do you want to do the video site? It seems that from the very beginning to build their own network?

Gu Yongqiang: talk to the TV station. To do their own Internet video on demand site was positioned as a micro video, a short video, then micro-blog, WeChat has not, called micro video, borrowed from Wang Wei "V" Victor Koo V "is borrowed".

in Beijing in December 21, 2006 beta, when the domain name is called Yokoo, seen only in Beijing and Tianjin, the country or not, we made a Taiwan video website to do things is to build their own video distribution system, a station is a station on the run all over the country, the national network established through the first half of the time. December 21, 2006 officially launched youku.

asked: what are the difficulties in the development of nodes, you are particularly impressed, how to overcome the


Koo: the first year particularly difficult, with TV talks, including three models to choose which to do first, and then found the other two road is a bottleneck, although difficult to see this road, China began to have people doing. Tudou