as an integral part of the Internet as a small group of owners, although not as influential as the major Internet giants, but still plays a role can not be ignored with its special role. Every one to join the network, dedicated to the construction site of the webmaster with a passion burning ambition, dream of their website can promote the development of the Internet as China idol Ma Yun Alibaba or, achievement of a business legend.

but the reality is cruel, not everyone can achieve the legend. According to the survey data of DCCI2010 China Internet webmaster survival and development status shows that 58% of the stationmaster income below 500 yuan, compared to the single source of income, advertising is still the main source of income, the proportion of e-commerce is also growing. Now, cloud computing and mobile Internet is coming off a new round of poineering climax, but also bring us a new opportunity, the comprehensive quality of how to seize this opportunity to realize their development depends on the Webmaster:

, a marketing ability: no small owners are faced with how to put out the dilemma of website promotion in early and stand, although the necessary capital investment is indispensable, but the important thing is the promotion of individual ability, how to analyze the potential customers, the development of the market, with the help of SEO, advertising, marketing network alliance, open up the situation and the establishment of a number of loyal customers, and word-of-mouth marketing etc..

two, communicative competence: now simply rely on the individual has been unable to make the market bigger and stronger, the team’s strength can not be ignored. Business partner selection is particularly important, many people start early human resources less, unable to find like-minded business partners, so we need to play well their communicative ability in the process of entrepreneurship, establish new friendships, develop congenial partners, but also bring considerable contacts for themselves, is called a fence three a pile, a gang of three men.

three, pioneering and innovative ability: in the ever-changing network era, pioneering, innovation is undoubtedly the development of the most powerful accelerator. Any enterprise and individual if lack of innovation on the loss of vitality, personal webmaster is no exception. To this end we have pioneering thinking, divergent thinking, cultivate their imagination and creativity, as a leader if we don’t have this kind of consciousness and ability, will not be able to lead our team innovation, continuous improvement.

four, personal charm: personal charm largely determines the success and failure of the venture, how to build a good team, how to lead a good team, how to cultivate the cohesion of the team, how to effectively manage the team needs to have enough personal charm. Personal charm affects all aspects of entrepreneurship, a good webmaster in improving their own quality, but also to strengthen their self-cultivation, improve their personal charm.


brand is not easy, the favorable factors which are not. Baidu, the Tencent to seize the core needs of the user growth for big enterprises; fortune in the river "