A5 was also a period of time, from the beginning of the rookie gradually transition to the current Wangzhuan "new", ha ha, although still no match for the forum that the veteran, but at least in the A5 per month can earn enough living expenses, I think this is the first step I cross out this, though I income is insignificant for some Wangzhuan veteran who. Well, nonsense not say, I will introduce the A5 forum inside some of the more popular Wangzhuan project today, I hope useful for the majority of make friends on the


first, then the task in A5 to make money, you must be certified by A5, many of my friends would ask, don’t I can’t through the authentication in A5 to do the task, in fact, I had also have such idea, but then inadvertently found without authentication is not a lot of friends rest assured that their own tasks for you to do, so I emphasize the authentication problem, this is not nonsense! Ha ha.

1: promotion SEO

such items in the A5 may be regarded as a medium, not high nor low, generally a task in the range of 100 to 500, of course, there are higher, but the difficulty is quite difficult. Here I suggest to just A5 and I like the new friends don’t go to meet those high-yield tasks, you may not be connected to complete it, don’t be greedy, slowly at first, then some small tasks, to improve their level of technology and then to pick up the big list.

2: imitation station

this kind of task should return in the A5 is relatively abundant, generally a task is ranging from 500 – 1000, with the above promotion tasks, I also recommend that you start slowly from the list, bigger, and so. At the same time in the imitation station owners also do many times released imitation station tasks are required to finish the time, see if you haven’t finished, is not to the Commission, so please do


3: post the chain

this type of character is the most simple, the income is not bad, at least to meet your daily basic expenses, the author is to start doing this kind of task. This kind of task because of the nature of reason, may be boring, but as long as the webmaster have enough patience, or can be appropriate to do, do not make good Gao Wuyuan, does not look up the money, want to learn

bit by bit!

well, the night has been deep, today is here, I hope that the above content to not find their friends to play Wangzhuan direction a beacon role, thank you.

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