Taobao alliance to save a large number of people, many novice into Taobao guest guest army, only Taobao has more than 500 thousand, but to fine of Wuhu, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, to many people, too many people walking, only a few people really clouds see month, the last laugh, so do Taobao off what need what conditions can we succeed? Here potatoes opinion, briefly do essential customer needs Taobao.

peace of mind. Many beginners do Taobao guest one or two months no income is not done, feel no head, impetuous attitude is not Taobao customers, to eventually make money is not a short period of time can be completed, Rome was not built in a day.

communication, how to think. Taobao passenger behind closed doors is not feasible, to join some guest exchange group, do not know where to ask the group master, do not blindly for their bulkhead study, who is better than you want to make a lot of friends, to become more than usual, thinking, sometimes there will be a wonderful idea released. A lot of communication with the group master, a lot of good ideas are generated from the exchange.

continuous learning. I do not know where to ask a lot more than usual to master, A5, Ali mother and other local communities to enrich themselves, only by constantly learning to enrich themselves will make their own progress, and constantly improve themselves, to achieve higher goals.

daily province. Every day at bedtime reflect their day those places do not, where is their left fork, novice to do Amoy mostly in the dark, only a reflection of their own deficiencies, in order to find out the mistakes and shortcomings, find it will inevitably take the road, not the person tried not to wrong, the wrong methods and ideas also our precious experience.

persistence, do not give up. I have many friends in the first two months of revenue Taobao off to zero, but they now make up, the truth who all understand, a lot of difficulties and so the group of friends of communication, imperceptibly team atmosphere will affect to yourself, make yourself more effort.

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