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Interactive Media Retail Group Interactive Media In Retail Group reported that the total global electricity supplier transactions will reach $1 trillion and 250 billion in the next year, after the electronic commerce will become the mainstream of economic market transactions.

in the face of such a huge, and the rapid development of the market, many new entrepreneurs are eager to be able to share a cup of soup. However, the electricity supplier industry competition is very tragic, in which a firm foothold in this is not an easy thing. The Shopify is a specialized to help new entrants to the field of electricity providers who are multi-functional electronic business platform.

in the Shopify platform, users can quickly build their own online store, and various functions provided by Shopify allows users to store their own network to create a high quality electricity supplier sales platform – Shopify service is very comprehensive, including website security, page design, sales statistics and so on. It can be said that with the Shopify, you can basically create any one you want to electricity supplier website. At present, Shopify users has exceeded 25 thousand, of which many famous enterprises are using Shopify opened their own online store, these companies including Gatorade, Ge, Tesla Motors, LMFAO, Britannica and so on. And in recent months, Shopify is ready to carry out a game, the game will be in the Shopify platform to generate 4 sales of more than $1 million shop.

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Shopify also makes it an object of capital chasing, Shopify has invested $22 million from Bessemer, FirstMark capital and other investment companies.

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