"everything is beautiful, we move forward together." In the tens of thousands of Taobao shop, three street bloom a little special.

open the shop home page, a frame of exotic travel pictures, a section of a travel log and nagging all make notes on this sentence lyrics Slogan. But more personality is that this shop seller want never online, with the customer self-service shopping, but maintained a high praise rate, and nearly 50% of the regular customers repurchase rate.

3 mo bloom shopkeeper calls jasmine and three children, is a pair of young couples in Suzhou. They fell in love during a trip West, tasted the long-distance relationship, also experienced in Beijing hard work hard, a TV Travel program director, a Book designer.

in July 2008, the resignation of the founder of the founder of the three unfamiliar bloom, two years to do three crown. The spring of 2011, two people choose settled three children’s hometown of Suzhou, together with the management of the enterprise. In their eyes, three unfamiliar bloom, is the story of a girl’s growth, but also the lives of two people.

travel carrier is clothing

one day in August 2013, "the world" network reporter saw the shopkeeper couples in Suzhou, jasmine wore a purple baggy linen dress, Wan loose hair, with mild; three children are simple cotton casual wear, form the sun, hearty talk. As soon as they sat down, they chatted about the trip: two people were taking a short trip to the world with a baby who was under two years old, and had just completed a trip to Bulgaria in July, just a few days ago in.


travel has been the common interest of jasmine and three children, they have gone through many places at home and abroad. The shop is only two months, Molly put the shop over to friends and children are on vacation in three went to Tibet. Unlike many Taobao job dispensers, but let them have more free time.

talking about travel, they relish, for the meaning of travel, there are a lot of unique understanding. Jasmine said: "there will be a lot of things on the road, a lot of people know, two people will quarrel, but after the settlement of the problem, you will find that the harvest is very large, these are not encountered in everyday life."

compared to the sensibility of jasmine, three sons appear more rational, more adept at inductive refining. He said: "travel is open, especially ordinary life in the city is a self protective type, this is the two very different state, you can put down the burden of heart in contact with the world tour, which is an important human nature, also can only feel in such a state of man and the world wonderful, this beauty will come back into your life and work."

travel is an integral part of the lives of two people, has been the main content of the store to share with the buyer. This is their characteristic, too