introduction Chai Lei’s story begins with the usual. This is a no background, no technology, no money ordinary business story, each entrepreneur, almost all can find their own shadow. In a series of toss, rapid response, rapid response to Chai Lei and his creation of hand grasping cake created an industry legend.


Chai Lei’s story is extraordinary. Because not every entrepreneur can create an industry. But Chai Lei is in the ordinary room has created an industry legend, from scratch, from weak to strong…… Now the giant camouflage, he still steadily on the way forward.

from the ignorant, just by virtue of simple business intuition to toss, counsel move, flow, 10 years of entrepreneurship, Chai Lei hand grasping cake in creating such a new industry, has created a new self – love to toss, toss, toss.

and this is precisely the Chai Lei logic starting point of the realization of business evolution. The ups and downs of business survival, change. Observation of all business evolution, only the rapid response, rapid change in order to win the living space.

in a series of toss, Chai Lei’s fate is still in the rolling, metamorphosis, rising……

: the ordinary road

Shanghai Chuang ignorant

Chai Lei had a good job – in the home court in Anhui Linquan civil servants. But he was a restless person. When the period of civil servants, juice technology he used in the hotel before the work is learned, opened a "drink" love fruit at the local bar, provide Fresh Juice and ice cream, the month can earn two thousand or three thousand yuan, than him in the court of the monthly salary of 600 yuan, or more than 5 times.

the little thing that happened in 2001, inspired Chai Lei greater ambition. He was thoroughly tired of public life the immutable and frozen of sea life, eager to surge high and sweep forward.

2003, in the parents’ opposition, the 25 year old Chai Lei resigned from the court, to sell a "drink" love fruit, and then east to fight the west by a total of 300 thousand yuan couqi, with two do energy-saving villagers came to Shanghai the jungle adventurer battles.

reason to leave the hometown to Shanghai, Chai Lei’s idea is very simple, even with a Chushengniudu ignorant and fearless: one is because Shanghai is full of opportunities, and two because they plan to use this project to do energy-saving technology investment. "Shanghai is one of the most attractive cities in the country, the small town in our home town to do business, who cares you?"

at that time, the Shanghai food and beverage industry is in a rapid update, there are about more than 2 thousand food and beverage brands, almost every day there is a business opened a collapse. But the grand narrative in the meeting of wind and clouds, hardly affects the seeds in soil. At Chai Lei, only a simple idea: with the Stephen Chow movie "food"