"These days, many of WAP’s days are very sad, very confused." Yesterday, a domestic WAP website insiders told reporters look dignified.

WAP is a wireless application protocol, mobile phone users can access the internet. At present, the total number of domestic WAP sites, it is estimated that by the end of last year, China’s mobile phone users have registered about 30000000 WAP, the market size of nearly $6 billion.


industry on the Shanghai Oriental Morning Post reporter revealed that some of the most popular WAP industry in several companies, such as Pingco, Pica, PDA, d.cn, bon net, easy to check, Joyes in "shake up" or layoffs, layoffs in the range of about 10%~15%.

mobile WAP new deal

such a wide range of layoffs, and operators may strengthen the rumors of WAP control is not unrelated.

printing will be known since July of last year, China Mobile is preparing to implement traffic differentiation schemes: mobile WAP gateway will be transformed, once the transformation is complete, the use of mobile phone cmWAP Internet access point will first enter the Monternet jump page, continue to implement the monthly fee; if you want to access the mobile Monternet outside the free WAP website, then through the cmnet access. The cmnet service charge is the use of traffic billing.

yesterday, the source told reporters that the current mobile gateway under the transformation of some branch has been completed, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, Henan and other provinces and cities; all are expected to be accomplished "all mobile gateway transformation in the second half of this year".

in fact, the reason why the current free WAP popular among young people, not only because the content is free, the user is only about 15 yuan per month to pay traffic charges, you can browse these pages unlimited.

However, once the new mobile

official policy implementation, the WAP can be described as catastrophic effects: Monternet system is included in the site will be more stringent control, even distribution of profits; no amnesty WAP website will face more disastrous fate — the price and billing according to the flow the monthly difference compared to dozens of times, once launched, is substantially equal to the blocking these WAP sites.

this, the mobile insiders told reporters that the WAP gateway is still ongoing research, has not yet further information can be disclosed.

WAP transformation to make a living

"we’ve done the test. Once the gateway transformation is complete, even if we are "amnesty", customer churn rate is at least 80%." WAP, director of a company’s name is not willing to be named on the face with bitter color.

even worse, is that most of the domestic WAP portal since 2004 to date, has not yet found a clear business model support. ">