see our website people, many people still do not have their own company, but should also have a lot of people are with their own products dream. If you don’t understand, you want to start, how do you do it? This article is adapted from Ben Ogle (co-founder, as the development and the role of the designer), he entered the YC training class contact with entrepreneurial peers non-technical, surprised to see the Founder Technology and non technology the founder of the two different types, Gexianshentong in it skills. In the observation, he did not encourage the founder of the technical foundation to release the product first, technology first idea, try to use their own advantages to the point of view of Entrepreneurship:

I am a technical, I also admit that I compare the product for the first – first to build their own idea to build out again, and then look at what the problem. However, I found a number of interesting phenomena: non technical origin of the same product is also the first. They want to make great things and then go out and promote access to the user, although they can really put / place might be selling this ring.

here I have an idea: don’t look for a technical co-founder (at least temporarily) and don’t have to learn how to program. Try your best to make a service first business.

I graduated from YC a few months ago, and one of the most interesting experiences of that time was to get close to my classmates. I was almost on the spot to see how their little struggle and little success came about. I also see a variety of co-founder — some companies with a different combination of skills of people are all engaged in technology, there are basically no technical — to overcome their own The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea field. Let me in awe, those non-technical founders used different methods to open their own doors: in the beginning not to build anything, but the street to find people who can do for their service and manual buy customers. After having more customers, they will be through technology to reduce their increasingly heavy human suffering. This method even for the technical team is also effective – a business oriented API team, when API is called, the API will only send mail to the founder, they will finish the work again to the customer manual, asynchronous return results. I was impressed by the way, and now I think startups should be divided into two companies: technology first and service first.

to define:

technology is the first product is the need to build the first to show their products. Google belongs to the technology first product, the game, the efficiency type application belongs to this domain. You can’t get the user to understand the new product when you don’t make the product