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i he wore dark horse to two rich generation rings are from hard environment that quit school decided to embark on talent shows itself; their entrepreneurial path. In the contention of a hundred schools of thought the Internet era, "the hedgehog network" Ye Renhao has his own unique insight and vision from his fortune and his entrepreneurial life together into the development process.

initial venture

at the age of 16, I in Tulane university campus outside a cafe, from the "USA Today" to see Netscape (Netscape, the world’s first Internet companies listed on the news). I realized that the Internet was real, even though no one knew what the Internet was. I became so hot that I was going to drop out of school.

‘s father: are you crazy? Are you sick? He always wanted me to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a bank clerk. He always advised me to go back to school, and even (say) you want to set up a new company.

I say no. When I was 10 or 11, my father introduced me to his friends. Many of his friends are rich two generations. Rich two generations of the family is always the older one, even if the two generation has been 30, 40, and 50 years old, they can only listen to the father or grandfather. I don’t want to decide my life, I have my own idea, I want to be rich.

so, I recruited my peers on the Internet, and finally hired a programmer. He is very clever, he learned programming. He’s very strange, a New York man who has never been to New York. That year he was 14 years old, I am 16 years old, we say that the business together, and then together. We are going to develop a computer game, hope it will be popular, but no money. My father came to see me, and he said your computer was too slow…… He gave me 3000 dollars. I used the money to buy a notebook.

at that time, Microsoft is very strong to enter the game industry, it is looking for potential programmers everywhere, to pay a very high. Microsoft also means more opportunities for geeks. That’s what my programmer was looking for.

I didn’t feel particularly frustrated because we did something, and we talked and talked to people. For me, it’s a reality. Previously, I do not know anything about entrepreneurship, a lot of things are only in the minds of imagination. It’s fair to meet Microsoft. I think it’s a good learning experience.

was still working on a computer game, and I went back to Hongkong to work full-time at the China Network (at that time my partner in the United States, we communicated through the Internet). I am in the BD department, to write a report, do PPT, more like a researcher or analyst, a monthly salary of 70>