Ma Yun at the University of Seoul speech, elaborated on the current entrepreneurial opportunities, how to become a great company. Creating jobs, helping poor areas to get rich and changing China’s environment. This is the three complaint, but also the three opportunity, anyone can solve these problems, you can live long. In entrepreneurship, it seems that the secret of success is: believe in the future.


the following is Ma speech excerpt:

opportunities where people complain about

why has the Alibaba developed to this size, because we believe in the future?. 10 years ago, I told people I firmly believe that the Internet is the future. Even if we are not successful, there will be other people succeed, so we must work hard. To this day, I still believe in the future.

in Chinese, Taobao, Baidu and Tencent, we have no chance? 10 years ago, bill Gates. I have the same idea, because Microsoft, I have no chance; because of Google, I have no chance. No, opportunities are everywhere. Because the Internet, because of cloud computing, because of big data, everyone in the world have a chance.

Where are the opportunities for

? The opportunity is where people complain. When people complain, opportunities exist. Especially in China, everyone is expressing dissatisfaction. When everyone is complaining, the opportunity arises. Deal with dissatisfaction, solve problems, so when I hear people complain, I will feel very excited, because I see the opportunity, I think I can do something for this.

we often ask a question, how to meet the future competition? We can grow to the size of today, I think the best time is today, Alibaba, Alipay group and rookie today is too big, the size of today, there will be many headaches every day.

life is not easy, but we have to face it. When a person is not a lot of time, you know their position; when the size of the larger, if aware of what is wrong, you need to make changes in advance six months. Because when you realize you’re going to change, it’s usually too late, like the Titanic hit an iceberg, it will soon sink. I often ask myself, how can I make the ship sail safely?.

so we ask ourselves, we should be where to go? The last century, if you want to become a great company, usually need to take 1, 2 or 3 opportunities; and this century, if you want to become a great company, must solve the social problems. Chinese many social problems, I believe that the social problems such as our company can be solved, first is to create employment; second is to expand domestic demand, to rural areas and farmers are rich; third, let Chinese economy better.

first love is often the most beautiful love

some people say that creating jobs is not your problem