Like attracts like., entrepreneurs always Birds of a feather flock together., a group of entrepreneurs, even together has made a very great company, but also prevent them to create a great company


bandits last summed up a small partner ruled Silicon Valley, PayPal Mafia, we may be able to feel the power of small partners and the role of a circle.

today to see "FaceBook Mafia", 10 years ago, Facebook announced that, after 10 years, the 20 people together to assist Zuckerberg in his own business, among them, some people on a map to get billions of dollars worth, have patience and dedication to work into the evaluation team Facebook. Today let’s count, who joined the Facebook and later break their own piece of heaven and earth entrepreneurs.


look at how they should find a small partner, but also think about what they should become a small partner

1, Mark •

join Facebook time: 2004

Facebook experience: co-founder, served as president of

incumbent: Facebook President

worth: $20 billion

story: created the world’s most famous social networking site Facebook, leading the Facebook market, the market value of $100 billion a day break.

2, Dustin Moskovitz

joined Facebook time: 2004 entry, in November 2009 left

Facebook experience: co-founder, served as Facebook CTO (CTO) post

after leaving the experience: as a venture capitalist, co founded Asana

worth: $6 billion 800 million

story: Moskovitz is Facebook’s first CTO, but also Zuckerberg’s College roommate. Two people at the same time to give up their studies in Harvard University, moved to California, a total of Facebook. Facebook after the listing, only 27 years old, Moskovitz has become the world to make money on their own fortune’s youngest billionaire, he was in the hands of Facebook 7.6% of the shares. After leaving the business, the development of Asana team collaboration tools, in the first closed beta Asana, there are hundreds of teams participated in the trial activities. At this moment