October 18th, SP self union A8 Union announced that its IVR VOD business overall by 6 gross / minute settlement, the end of November in the launch site also will receive 15% of the extra income reward. As everyone knows, the market price of the IVR alliance is divided into 5 gross / min, A8 alliance the price greatly, will undoubtedly make more sense to many Webmaster:

      A8 is not in the amount of hard buckle? Otherwise how dare so price adjustment?

      is it really good?! The market is so unstable.

      as the old manager of the A8 Union, I am very understanding of the idea of the webmaster, here to do an honest and frank exchange, also welcome different opinions PK.

      A8 IVR price adjustment, is not done a deduction?

      ha ha, you know I’ll say "of course not". In fact, more accurately, it is unnecessary.

      the most important reason is that the A8 alliance itself is SP, 2 yuan song is used to channel their alliance, which means that A8 has a stronger ability to control ability and profit in products.

      light price adjustment what is the use? Long time no, no use!

      A8 IVR is an experienced change radically, so that the final standard is what stationmaster income!

      the same kind of advertising products, the effect of different methods of calculating the alliance is not the same, on this basis, there is no price comparison unit. It was also a matter of concern for us and we have been confirmed in two directions:

      2 yuan channel has been in the past three months, the rent to the mainstream of the IVR alliance promotion, after a large flow of long time, has confirmed the total length of A8 channel conversion ability;

      A8IVR site is currently on the advertising revenue recognition

      A8 alliance sleeping for a year, now there is only one idea, we have this ability, we must let the webmaster IVR song higher income, regardless of how the market changes, it will be our focus goals.

      look forward to your tasting promotion. A8 union administrator QQ:534307459&n>