this Shidao, the difference between treatment differences between rich and poor people are quite big, rich people no matter where we go will be the stars of the service, but no money people no matter where we go will be despised by others, even the most basic life standard will lose, like a in a day in a. Therefore, everyone has the idea of getting rich, then what is the way to make those who do not have money to get rich quickly?

after years of research scientists found that the site is the fastest way to get rich, the website can in just a few years or even a few months to get rich, you can imagine, in many ways in the rich get rich, the site of road is too fast, and every day you go to Adam, as well as their own in home to enjoy life, create a unique web site, then do not matter to promote what it is, you will not waste too much time and energy, it will make you feel tired, and the site of investment capital is not too high, even if the trapped, don’t fret and for young people, Why not? Of


at present, the Internet users are more familiar with the site Youku, Sina, Taobao, telecom site navigation and so on some types of sites, the type of site is also a variety of. From this we can see a lot of people want to get rich through the website to make a fortune, but how many websites are successful? How should we do to become rich? Here we take this station site navigation to analyze its development method.

Telecom site navigation station, its development period is very short, it can be said that the development of the hundreds of thousands to the average daily flow is a miracle, it only took a few months to hundreds of thousands of IP traffic, the other is webmaster whether imagine, here, you must be curious about it. The flow is how to promote up, don’t worry, we will immediately give you one analysis, make sure your website developed rapidly.

There are a lot of

website promotion methods, basically every webmaster all know the promotion, then why do you stand IP traffic to? What is the cause? Why telecom site navigation will be able to do so well, is not particularly jealous, but you don’t need with telecom site navigation station, you can do it, we will take the most basic of the QQ group promotion.

1 we should choose the right for your site QQ group, QQ group number and very much, so you in the website at the same time, QQ group inside people will help you with publicity, a biography of a natural flow will increase.

The implementation of

2 to invite some people into the QQ group inside your website, you do not use your website address in the QQ group inside, because the general for the QQ group inside users, will be considered to be advertising, they will not click on your site, you will find some people, then in the propaganda your website to it, it is best not to let them think.