I Admin5 at the time is not long, often see some of my colleagues are Wangzhuan view through the website to obtain the corresponding profit after high flow. This time, I discuss a Wangzhuan experience, although not to implement, but the feasibility and the rate of return is very high.

online shopping as we all know, to the first Taobao slogan shopping on television debut, the poison of this grandson is also a whole P ah. Although the development of online shopping for so many years, but still can not shake off the shadow of traditional shopping. Is the business model of purchase from suppliers or agents, based on the original purchase price plus a percentage of the profits to sell. Of course, the same goods, the same channel than who would dare to lower profits, at low prices to attract customers.

the above model is very old, I as long as I can remember, my dad is in twenty years ago to do so. My online supermarket model is more thorough, similar to the existing supermarkets or shopping malls as the operation.

for example, it is the big supermarket at the entrance of our house, every day to engage in promotions, 1 pounds of cheap eggs, 2 cents, less than 7 points in the morning, the door of the supermarket lined up more than 100 meters of the team. If there is an online supermarket, egg is 1 pounds 2 cents cheaper, but don’t line up directly to your home, you will have more than 1000 meters of the team lined up to buy online? This is what I want to say is the first key price

for example, there are many wholesale markets, food, clothing, building materials, etc.. We have to say if an egg, egg in wholesale suppliers, he foreign wholesale egg is 5 dollars 1 pounds (I do not know is not the market, let’s say it) 480 dollars, 100 pounds, 46000 dollars for 10 thousand pounds. In other words, we usually buy eggs outside the people are 5 pounds of money, the supermarket sold to grab a broken 8 of the first 4 of the. If we sell eggs and this consultation, we help him sell eggs, give me the price is 4 yuan a pound of 8, we also sell by the external 4 of the 8. Within a month he sold 10 thousand pounds to the egg, then put 10 thousand pounds per kilogram between the purchase price and the purchase price of 100 pounds 2 cents difference returned to us. I would like to you this big customer, suppliers are too high to burn incense. This is the second focus – sales

may be some friends will question, people buy 1 pounds of eggs you give to the door, earn enough soles wear it. Of course, state laws, shop shop rules, we can advance the reputation of shopping, how much money can be full of free door-to-door, not up to the price, you have to pay 2 dollars, here we express it 2 dollars. As a result, others buy eggs, may be able to buy something else, such as grain and oil can be used with other. This is driving consumption. You can compare the price of other goods with the price in the supermarket. Even if you are the same as the market price, after all, you have a sufficient number of free of charge to send home concessions. I think this is a selling point.

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